Meeting Pro - Explanation of Different Screen Modes

Kandao Meeting Pro offers a variety of screen modes to suit different meeting scenarios for users:

1. Discussion Mode: The upper half of the screen displays a panoramic view, while the lower half showcases more participants, intelligently highlighting the speaker for in-depth discussions with remote attendees.


2. Global Mode: Provides a 360° panoramic view that captures all participants in the meeting room, giving a comprehensive view of everyone's status.

3. Presentation Mode: Focuses the screen solely on the current speaker, allowing attendees to concentrate on the presenter's words. Ideal for structured presentations.

4. Patrol Mode: Shows the current speaker on the left side, while the right side rotates to display various parts of the meeting room, balancing the focus between the speaker and the overall room.

5. Custom Mode: Allows users to choose their own perspective and lock the view, ensuring that the focus of the meeting can always be attended to.

6. Screen Lock Mode: Suitable for all meeting modes except Global Mode, where a paired Bluetooth remote control can be used to manually adjust, zoom, and lock the target frame to concentrate on the key points of the meeting.


(If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our service team at for assistance.)

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