Meeting Pro - How do I enable the Video Inversion function?

Q: How do I enable the Video Inversion function?

1. Update the firmware of Kandao Meeting Pro to V24 or later.
2. In Pro mode, go to Settings > Camera Settings > Video Inversion to enable the function.
3. To achieve a better viewing angle, install the machine upside down no more than 1.7m far from the ground. Participants can be accurately identified within a range of 1-3 meters from the camera.
4. The system will remember the inverted mode automatically and it will be effective the next time it is used, including both Pro mode and USB mode. Thus, remember to turn off this function when the machine is placed normally.
5. If you require the "power on upon plugging in" function in the inverted mode for your usage scenario, please contact our customer service via

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