Meeting Pro - Zoom and Lock Function

1) By pressing the lock button on the remote control briefly or holding down the Mode button on the device, a small lock icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. (If mirror mode is enabled, the icon will be in the lower right corner; if mirror mode is not enabled, it will be in the lower left corner.)

2) At this point, you can control the movement of the screen within the divider frame left and right. If you cannot control it, it means that the remote control is in the mouse mode, and you should cancel the mouse mode first. [If the direction of screen movement is opposite to the control direction of the remote, it is because the mirror mode has been activated.]

3) After selecting a divider frame, the border of the selected frame will turn light blue. Press the OK button on the remote control, and the border color will change to white. You can then use the "up, down, left, right" directional buttons along with the volume "+" and "-" buttons to adjust the view. Once the view is adjusted to your preference, press the OK button to confirm, and the frame will revert from white back to light blue.



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