QooCam 3

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  • 5.7K 360° Video
  • 62MP 360° Photo
  • Dual 1/1.55" Sensors
  • F1.6 Fast Aperture
  • Invisible Selfie Stick
  • SuperSteady Stabilization
  • 4ch 360° Mics
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QooCam 3

Standalone includes QooCam3 Camera*1,does not include memory card.

QooCam 3 Travel Kit

QooCam 3 Camera*1, Selfie Stick*1,Battery*2, 64G Micro SD Card*1

QooCam 3 Motorcycle Kit

QooCam 3 Camera*1, Selfie Stick*1,Battery*2, 128G Micro SD Card*1, Motorcycle Mount Bundle*1.

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Extra Accessories

QooCam 3, a 360 Action Camera with Superior Image Quality. With dual fisheye lenses, it produces stunning 5.7K 30FPS 360° videos and high-resolution 11K panoramic photos. Equipped with wide F1.6 apertures and two 1/1.55-inch sensors, it excels in low-light conditions, delivering vivid and intricate imagery. Plus, its integrated stabilization ensures seamless shooting in various scenarios, from aerial and handheld to biking and off-road racing.

Dual 1/1.55"



360° Video


360° Photo

Wind Noise Reduction



Invisible Selfie Stick

F1.6 Fast Aperture

IP68 Waterproof

4ch 360°

Ultra Low Light

Full Angle, Full Marks

5.7K 30FPS Panoramic Video

Capture the Action

Kandao QooCam 3 records brilliant 5.7K 30FPS 360° videos, capturing actions without missing any moment. With adjustable parameters, creativity has more possibilities.

60FPS High Frame Rate

60FPS Flawless Video

QooCam 3 supports high frame rate video recording at 60FPS, ensuring every shot is captured with exceptional clarity and smoothness. Whether skiing, cycling, diving, or parachuting, it will capture perfect details in any action-packed scenario.

62MP Panoramic Photo

Capture Unforgettable Moments in Brilliant Detail

Unveil the world in stunning detail with the QooCam 3's 62MP panoramic photos. Zoom in without losing clarity, capturing vivid memories and breathtaking scenery.

Extraordinary Imaging

two 1/1.55-inch sensors

A Larger Aperture and Sensor

Featuring a wide F1.6 aperture and two 1/1.55” sensors with 2μm pixel size, QooCam 3 captures abundant light, enhancing details in darker regions, and delivering clear, refined images.


Pixel Size


Pixel merging

Superior Night Shot

Record Charm of Nights

QooCam 3 excels in low light with its large sensor and aperture, capturing clear and vibrant night shots. Experience a qualitative leap in imaging, restoring real light perception and capturing the beauty of the night.

Exceptional Light Sensitivity

Increased Light Intake and Retain Greater Detail in Low-light

A 1/1.55" sensor with a large aperture of F1.6 makes it stand out for its high resolution and exceptional light sensitivity. Its lens-sensor combination allows light intake comparable to cameras with 1-inch sensors, ensuring impressive image quality.

QooCam 3



Light Gathering Ability:100%

1/2" Sensor Camera



Light Gathering Ability:52%

1" Sensor Camera



Light Gathering Ability:103%

DNG8 with Raw+ algorithm

Generate Your MasterPieces

With QooCam Studio and Raw+ software processing, QooCam 3 surpasses optical limitations, capturing enhanced panoramic photos that preserve rich image details and deliver exceptional quality.

AI Color Grading

AI Color Grading, Effortless Outstanding Images

After importing DNG format images into QooCam Studio, you can directly export them to JPG format with AI color grading applied. This enhances the colors and clarity of the images, resulting in more vivid visuals and finer details.



Transforming AEB Shots into A Striking HDR photo

HDR Photos, Revealing Authentic Colors and Details

QooCam 3 enables the capture of AEB photos, facilitating the creation of high-quality HDR images upon import into QooCam Studio 2.0. Even in environments with high contrast, it maintains greater detail and color fidelity, presenting a broader dynamic range.

AI Wind Noise Reduction and AI Noise Reduction

Impeccable Sound Clarity, Immune to Noise Interruptions

Introducing AI Wind Noise Reduction for effectively minimizing wind noise interference, ideal for outdoor pursuits such as running and cycling. Paired with AI Intelligent Noise Reduction, it ensures clear vocal reproduction even in noisy surroundings, delivering an unparalleled audio experience.

Audio SuperSteady and 360° Ambisonic

QooCam 3 doesn’t just focus on visuals. It's a true sensory experience. With its 360° Ambisonic audio, you'll enjoy spatial and immersive sound that complements your visuals perfectly. After Audio SuperSteady processing, regardless of how the camera rotates during shooting, it can always ensure that the sound comes from the correct direction.

Expanded Features

SuperSteady Stabilization2.0

Effortless Stable Image

With a built-in six-axis gyroscope, QooCam 3 eliminates the need for a stabilizer during activities like handheld shooting, pet tracking, mountain biking, and off-road racing.

Stabilization OFFStabilization ON

360°Horizontal Correction

Horizontal Correction

QooCam Studio enables seamless 360° horizontal correction, ensuring picture shoots remaining stable and perfectly level, regardless of any flips or movements during capture.

Loop Recording

Seamless Storage, Capturing Every Crucial Moment

A must-have for cycling footage like a dashcam. Pre-set the loop recording duration, and the camera will retain the most recent footage, saving storage space and time spent on selecting clips during post-production.


Waterproof and Dustproof

With an IP68 rating, QooCam 3 is waterproof and dustproof. QooCam 3 can resist pressure that equals a 10-meter depth of water. Shooting does not need to be cautious in dust and splash.

*Not suitable for diving shooting without case.


Unaffected by Freezing or Sweltering

QooCam 3 thrives from 0°C to 40°C, ensuring reliable performance for outdoor activities like skiing and hiking. Its exceptional temperature adaptability and durability make it the perfect companion for any adventure.


High temperature


Low temperature

Compact and Portable

Portable and Sturdy

Weighing just 189 grams, QooCam 3 is compact and portable. The solid and durable construction, tested against drops, ensures reliability. The detachable lens covers provide added protection, enhancing durability for long-lasting performance.

*Camera Size:71.5mm × 82.7mm × 26.6mm

Invisible Selfie Stick

Shoot in Third-Person Perspective

When shooting panoramic videos, the algorithm can automatically hide the traces of the selfie stick, making it easy to shoot stunning third-person perspectives and aerial perspectives of simulated drones.

Unleash your Imagination

Time Fusion

Dive into the Scenery, without Worrying about being in the Shot

With the independent shutter release of two lenses, photographers can move to the inactive lens, guaranteeing they remain out of the frame. This highlights the scenery, making it especially suitable for real estate and nature photography.

11K Interval Photography

Make Your Flipbook

In interval shooting mode, QooCam 3 captures stunning 11K quality panoramic photos at specified time intervals. Create mesmerizing time-lapse effects, taking you on a visual time-travel journey.


Capture the Essence of Light and Shadow

Use time-lapse to condense the beauty of mountains, rivers, shifting clouds, and bustling traffic into captivating moments. Experience the mesmerizing play of light and shadow over time, elevating the visual impact of your pictures.

Smartclip Template

Guided Clip Creation

Within the QooCam 3 App, explore a variety of engaging AI smart templates. Shoot footage following the tutorials, then import it to the app for automatic generation of impressive and captivating clips.


Personalize Your Style

Customize your image with a range of flexible filters to showcase various styles and make your creations even more captivating and visually appealing.

Social Platforms Sharing

One-tap Export and Sharing

With a single tap in the QooCam 3 App, effortlessly share your edited masterpieces to social platforms.

Improved User Experience

1600mAh Detachable Battery

Extended Battery Life

QooCam 3 is equipped with a detachable 1600mAh battery, ensuring longer-lasting power. Capture longer on a single charge and easily swap batteries for even longer shooting.

1600mAh Detachable Battery

1.9-inch LCD Touchscreen

Responsive Touch Control

QooCam 3 features a 1.9-inch LCD touch screen to easily access settings, adjust parameters, switch modes and immediate preview after shooting.

1.9-inch LCD Touchscreen

File Transmission

Easy File Transfer

Simply connect with a USB-C cable to copy files from the camera to your computer, ensuring secure and hassle-free file transfers.


qoocam 3 Battery
qoocam 3 Selfie stick
qoocam 3 Suction Cup Mount
qoocam 3 Motorcycle Mount Bundle
qoocam 3 Battery Charging Case


Selfie stick

Suction Cup Mount

Motorcycle Mount Bundle

Battery Charging Case

Capture Every Wonderful Moment