Kandao Showcases Revolutionary Video Conferencing Solutions for Hybrid Work at InfoComm 2024

Kandao Showcases Revolutionary Video Conferencing Solutions for Hybrid Work at InfoComm 2024

Kandao is ready to make a significant impact at InfoComm 2024 with our cutting-edge solutions designed for all sizes of conference rooms and hybrid collaboration. Catering to the increased demands of hybrid collaborative work models in the enterprise, Kandao’s innovative technologies are redefining videoconferencing by providing seamless, immersive, and highly efficient collaboration tools. Our multi-system conferencing solution, Kandao Meeting Omni, has the latest updates and now supports connectivity with up to four Kandao Meeting Ultra or Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard.


Inclusive View

Kandao Meeting Omni system can integrate with up to four 360-degree cameras, providing comprehensive coverage of ultra-large areas. With intelligent face recognition, tracking, and deduplication capabilities, more attendees can be visually included. The built-in front-face and close-face priority for portrait selection ensures eye contact during remote communication. Users can choose from various output view modes, such as Speaker View, which highlights the speaker, and Gallery View, which equally displays up to eight recently speaking attendees. For scenarios requiring focused attention, Kandao Meeting Omni offers screen locking and zoom functionalities.


Enhanced Audio

The system features an upgraded full-duplex 8-microphone array, now organized into 4 groups with embedded beamforming, echo cancellation, noise reduction, and howling suppression technologies. This enhancement broadens the high-quality audio pickup range, ensuring every word is clearly conveyed. The audio experience is further elevated with the inclusion of up to four sets of custom Hi-Fi speakers, allowing attendees to hear clearly regardless of the conference room size.


Introducing Kandao Meeting Ultra and Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard

Kandao Meeting Ultra features dual fisheye lenses that capture entire conference rooms in 360-degree panoramic views and outputs in 4K resolution with HDR. Its dual FHD touchscreens facilitate real face-to-face collaboration. The AI detection algorithms and motion tracking ensure low latency, accurate speaker localization, and auto-framing.

Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard can also output 4K 360-degree views and smart tracking only without touchscreens, making it a more cost-effective option for users. It’s a compact yet powerful solution for capturing the entire meeting space with AI-driven speaker tracking and auto-framing.


Data Protection and Privacy

Prioritizing information security, all data processed by the Kandao Meeting Omni system is handled instantly without being uploaded to the cloud or any databases. IP addresses or locations are never stored, ensuring complete privacy. Additionally, devices can be concealed to prevent unauthorized connections and are bonded to the host for secure device access.


Contact for More Information

To gain our product recommendations suited to conference rooms of various sizes and configurations, or to learn more about the significant updates to Kandao Meeting Omni, please contact our sales team at sales@kandaovr.com.

We highly encourage you to stop by our booth at InfoComm 2024 and engage in face-to-face discussions with us! Find us at Booth C5763, Central Hall!


About Kandao

Kandao is a leading innovator in next-generation imaging products, integrating VR technology, AI algorithms, and video conferencing solutions. The company has pioneered immersive hybrid conferencing experiences with products like the Kandao Meeting 360, the first 360 all-in-one video conference camera with AI algorithms; Kandao Meeting Pro, a standalone device with Android OS; Kandao Meeting S, a 180-degree AI conference camera; and Kandao Meeting Ultra, a 4K 360 AI conference host featuring dual touchscreens. Kandao has been featured in prominent publications such as Digital Camera World and Forbes, highlighting its technological advancements and industry impact.




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