The Shift to Video Conferencing: A Lasting Impact on Workplace Communication

The Shift to Video Conferencing: A Lasting Impact on Workplace Communication

In the wake of the pandemic, both corporate headquarters and frontline workers have increasingly relied on advanced video conferencing to connect, profoundly altering communication habits even in the post-pandemic era.


Kalogiannidis’s study (2020) confirms that "emphasizing  effective  communication  in  an  organization helps  employees  to  share  information,  ideas,  or  knowledge and  skills  which  enable  them  to  effectively  perform  to  the expectations  of  the  employer." Improving the efficiency of workplace communication is a challenge for managers, and investing in the right technology, such as advanced video conferencing, may be a worthwhile consideration.


The surge in video conferencing among corporate headquarters and frontline workers post-pandemic can be attributed to several key factors:


  1. Social Distancing: During the pandemic, remote work and social distancing measures were adopted by many companies to reduce gatherings and minimize the risk of transmission. Video conferencing emerged as a vital tool for maintaining business continuity and communication, replacing traditional face-to-face meetings.


  1. Work Flexibility: With many employees transitioning to remote work, the need for fixed workplaces diminished. Video conferencing offers employees greater flexibility, enabling communication anytime and anywhere, without geographical or time constraints.


  1. Reduced Travel: Restrictions on travel and in-person meetings led to a significant reduction in face-to-face meetings and business travel. Video conferencing served as an alternative solution, facilitating remote meetings and communication, thereby avoiding unnecessary travel costs and logistics.


  1. Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Reduction: Video conferencing saves time and effort, reducing costs associated with business travel. It can also accommodate more participants and facilitate quicker decision-making, enhancing work efficiency.


Advanced video conferencing solutions such as Kandao Meeting Pro, further improves efficiency in workplace communication. Here's how Kandao Meeting Pro improves efficiency:



- High-Quality Video and Audio:

Two-Way communication is regarded as effective in businesses and organization, emphasizing both focused listening and active feedback. (Forbes, 2023) With the crystal-clear video and audio quality, Meeting Pro meets the requirements of Two-Way communication by providing an immersive meeting experience.

Featuring a 4-in-1 design, Meeting Pro is equipped with a 360-degree camera, omnidirectional microphones, HiFi speaker and intelligent AI algorithm, ensuring everyone can be seen and heard clearly. Whether employees are working remotely or sitting anywhere in the conference room, everyone can stay engaged and involved, fostering a sense of belonging and teamwork.


- Intelligent AI Face and Motion Tracking:

Equipped with advanced and sophisticated algorithm developed by Kandao, Meeting Pro can locate voice and track active speakers, providing equal opportunities for everyone to present and share ideas, promoting inclusivity and active participation.

With various conference modes, such as Discussion Mode, Presentation Mode, Global Mode and so on, Meeting Pro can switch modes according to participants’ needs, facilitating effective communication and collaboration.


- Strong Compatibility and Flexible Connectivity:

Supporting both 1080P and 720P output, Meeting Pro shows strong compatibility with widely-used conferencing platforms. Whether employees prefer Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or any other conferencing software, Kandao Meeting Pro ensures compatibility and ease of use, enhancing workflow efficiency and collaboration. 

Additionally, with Wi-Fi, Ethernet LAN Port, USB, and HDMI, Meeting Pro offers flexible connectivity options, seamlessly connecting with various conferencing devices. All hardware and software design features make the Meeting Pro easy and multifunctional for meetings.


- Easy Setup and Control:

Setting up and controlling Kandao Meeting Pro is intuitive and user-friendly. With plug-and-play functionality, meetings can start quickly without technical hassle, ensuring a smooth meeting experience.


In summary, the increased reliance on video conferencing post-pandemic is driven by factors such as social distancing, work flexibility, reduced travel, and efficiency gains. The adoption of advanced solutions like Kandao Meeting Pro further enhances efficiency in workplace communication.

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