How to Address Seam Issues with Your 360 Camera

How to address seams issues with 360 camera

Seam issues with 360 cameras refer to the visible separation lines and unnatural image division that may occur during photos or videos capture.

Each 360 camera comes with a recommended minimum shooting distance, which is often related to the number of lenses it has. Generally, cameras with more lenses require a greater distance from subjects to avoid undesirable cuts at the seams.

To mitigate seam issues, it's advisable to avoid placing any objects directly on the seams, particularly if your subject is close to the camera's seams. Ideally, you should position your subject directly in front of the lenses to preemptively evade this problem.

How to Address Seam Issues with Your 360 Camera

Through experimental testing, it has been found that seam issues may appear in results regardless of whether the subject is positioned 10 centimeters, 30 centimeters, or 100 centimeters from the seams.

(Photographed by Andriishramko with QooCam 3 )

The key is to avoid aligning the direction of the seams with your subject. Instead, point the primary lenses directly at the subject you want to capture. This is particularly crucial for moving subjects. If you do need to include something near the seams, increase the distance slightly to ensure the 360 camera captures a more comprehensive image, facilitating smoother post-seam processing.

Hence, it's recommended to experiment with various distances between your 360 camera and the subject. Evaluate the results on your smartphone, computer, or VR headset to ascertain if the outcome matches your intention. With practice, you'll easily find the optimal shooting distance that suits your needs better.

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