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High-precision & Microsecond Multi-camera Capture Sync

AR Cam is a multi-camera shooting system with ultra-high precision sync to create ultra-high-definition videos. It supports scalable solution for up to 60 units, with HD frame synchronization between the cameras.


From Single-camera to Multi-camera, from Two-dimensional to Multi-dimensional

AR Cam brings simple, easy-to-use, innovative shooting solutions and more video production options such as "FreeView", "Bullet Time" and "Multi-camera Live Streaming".

Make Images Full of Imagination

Shoot a “bullet time” movie and enjoy the visual impact

AR Cam easily and efficiently creates freeze-frame footage for wonderful moments and captures the "bullet time" effect like the Matrix, bringing a cool visual impact.

Localization Service

Each camera outputs 4K 60FPS video in real-time, and intelligent AI computing performs real-time stitching and merging of images, and enables the local output of wonderful moments with one click, regardless of the network upload speed.

Various Templates to Instantly Present Exciting Finished Videos

Using various templates to create your own memorable videos with one click. You can scan the QR code to get the finished video and share it instantly.

  • Freezing Moment
  • Slow-Mo Moment

Multi-camera live streaming, choose your own perspective

AR Cam enables interactive live streaming on your PC or mobile phone. Cameras are switchable to output from a different angle when live streaming. And viewing angles are adjustable for audiences while watching. The multi-angle real-time preview provides viewers a new visual experience as if they were at the scene.

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Professional Video Recording & Editing Software FreeView Studio

FreeView Studio is a recording and editing software for Kandao's FreeView camera array. The simple and easy-to-use UI interface makes it easier to record and edit free-view footage. It provides powerful multi-camera calibration technology so that the preview switching is smoother during recording. It also has a high-degree-of-freedom editing function, which allows more exciting Bullet Time clip output.


Open source code for PC software, and supports redevelopment

AR Cam comes with PC software, which can be used for camera detection, calibration, firmware upgrade, live broadcast settings, live preview, video settings, frame capture settings, export settings. You can redevelop the system with open source code, so as to personalize the function of AR Cam.


One-click Calibration Algorithm

Featuring with one-click calibration algorithm, which is based on our proprietary center position correction of multi-camera view technology, the efficient calibration of multiple cameras can be easily done. The set-up and shooting of various scenes can be completed quickly, enhancing a smooth camera angle-switching experience.


Power Over Ethernet

Power supply and data transmission require only one network cable. The easily-deployed and efficient one-click calibration algorithm allows quick camera set-up and various scenarios-based shoots.


High-precision Microsecond Frame Sync

High-precision microsecond frame synchronization between multiple
free-view cameras is realized by connecting all of them via a sync cord, demonstrating the HD smooth image quality.


Deployment Demonstration

The number of cameras can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual scene for deployment. In addition to 360/180°, AR Cam also supports more deployment methods.
(Equipment for reference: AR Cam FreeView Camera, guide rail, tripod, network cable, PoE switch, router, FreeView server, protractor, soft tape measure).

  • 360° Deployment
  • 180° Deployment
  • Arc-shaped Deployment
  • Straight Line Deployment
The angle between each cameras should be less than or equal to 6 degrees, and a 360 deployment can be equipped with more than or equal to 60 cameras.

Excellent Image Quality, High Definition & Smooth

With the specification of up to 4K 60fps 10bit, each camera of AR Cam FreeView provides a smooth and high-definition video recording and live streaming experience. It also supports up to 10bit color depth, giving more possibility to late color adjustment.

Excellent Image Quality, High Definition & Smooth

With the specification of up to 4K 60fps 10bit, each camera of AR Cam FreeView provides a smooth and high-definition video recording and live streaming experience. It also supports up to 10bit color depth, giving more possibility to late color adjustment.


Streaming Live Events, Replay of Highlights, Physique Teaching, Commercial Filming, Live Commerce, Stage Performances, Pictures in Scenic Spots, Catch Wonderful Moments.

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Product Name
AR Cam FreeView
Sensor Size 1/2.3''
Focal Length 4.49mm (35mm equivalent:25mm)
Aperture F2.8
Focus Distance 1.35-10m
FOV D: 82.9°/ 7.86mm ; H: 69.1°/ 6.29mm; V: 54.1°/ 4.71mm
Image Resolution 3840×2160
Streaming Resolution 3840×2160, 1920×1080
Streaming Coding H.264, H.265
Streaming Protocols RTMP、RTSP、SRT
Video Resolution 3840×2160, 1920×1080
Video Coding H.264, H.265
Video Output Format MP4
Time Code Frame by frame; Format: hh:mm:ss:ff
Recording Bitrate 1-100Mbps
Frame Rate 3840×2160:25fps、30fps、50fps、60fps;
Image Format JPG
ISO Auto; Manual: 100~3200
Shutter Auto; Manual: 1/25~1/5000
EV Auto; Manual: -2.0~+2.0
White Balance Auto; Manual: Color Temperature (2000~ 10000), Color Tone (-50~50)
Bit Depth 8bit、10bit
Storage U3 TF Card; File System: exFAT
Size 117.5*58*65.5mm
Weight 288g
Usage temperature range 0-35°C
Usage humidity range 5-90%RH