QooCam EGO 3D Camera

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  • World’s first 3D camera for instant immersion
  • 4K 60FPS 3D Video
  • 24MP 3D Photo (DNG/JPG)
  • 37PPD UHD Magnetic Viewer
  • IP67 Waterproof & Dustproof
  • Easy Sharing and Editing
  • Compatible with Major 3D Devices and Platforms
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Standalone includes QooCam EGO Camera*1, does not include memory card.

QooCam EGO Kit

QooCam EGO Camera*1, Carbon Fiber Selfie Stick*1, Battery*2, Charge Hub*1, 64G Micro SD Card*1

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Viewer-Integrated 3D Camera

QooCam EGO is the World’s first 3D camera for instant immersion. Using stereo 3D technology and magnetic design, the camera lets you capture moments like never before.

With the detachable magnetic 3D viewer, QooCam EGO is the ONLY headset-free 3D camera. Once the 3D viewer is attached to the camera, the system automatically enters the playback mode, you can then relive all of your precious memories.

To watch via headset, you can insert the Micro card and view the 3D video directly. The direct output format is side-by-side. There’s no need to convert format or stitch the footage. Create your stories and captivate the world!



3D Video(DNG/JPG)

4K 60fps

3D Video

8K photos, 4K videos

Exquisite Clarity, Recording the Beauty of Life

Capture vivid color details, where every 3D photo and video freezes life's vibrant moments authentically, preserving each captivating instant.

Dual 4K video with a high frame rate of up to 60fps

Smoother and clearer than ever

The dual 4K ultra-high-definition lenses capture intricate details, ensuring smooth footage at 60fps, even for dynamic moments like dance routines or skateboarding. Easily capture every marvelous dynamic moment without missing a beat.

Dual lenses with interpupillary distance of 65mm

QooCam EGO Captures the World With Immersive Depth Just as You See It

Close to the interpupillary distance of the human eye, the 65mm distance between the two lenses of QooCam EGO captures the world just as you see it, presenting the most natural, comfortable, realistic, and vivid 3D effect.

Dual-lens capturing in perfect synchronization

Enable Effortless 3D Photography

Dual lenses capture images in perfect synchronization, eliminating the need for complicated processes like installing sync cables or aligning timecodes in post-production. Easily delve into stereo shooting with a user-friendly approach.

The camera weighs only 160g

Compact, Portable, and Easily Held With One Hand

The compact and lightweight QooCam EGO easily fits into your pocket, enabling you to capture every splendid moment anytime, anywhere.

Tap to focus

Tap to Autofocus

Tap on the touchscreen to focus on the subject, ensuring a clear and sharp shot.

Magnetic attachment, instant playback

Magnetic Viewer to Instantly View 3D Cinema

QooCam EGO's attachable magnetic viewer instantly transforms the camera into a mini 3D theater. Immediately view content in 3D when attaching viewer to the camera.

The viewer display resolution reaches 37 Pixels Per Degree, twice that of mainstream VR headsets

Stunning Visuals and Seamless, Natural Images

High display resolution of 37 pixels per degree, allows viewers to enjoy clear and lifelike content with rich details, immersing you in the moment.

The touchscreen brightness reaches up to 1000 nits, exceeding that of mainstream VR headsets by tenfold

Experience Vibrant Brightness from the Touchscreen

1000 nits of maximum screen brightness ensures visibility even in bright outdoor conditions. The high-brightness screen presents more vibrant and vivid colors in images, offering a high-quality visual experience.

Compatible with mainstream 3D viewing devices

Compatible on VR Headsets, AR Glasses, and Projectors

QooCam EGO outputs 3840*1080 MP4 video, which can be viewed on mainstream 3D viewing devices such as VR headsets, AR glasses, 3D tablets and projectors.

Spatial Video Converter Tool

Seamlessly integrates with Apple Vision Pro

With the potent and user-friendly transcoding tool, you can transform materials captured by the QooCam EGO into spatial videos and photos, delivering an enhanced stereoscopic effect and remarkably clear visuals when viewed on Apple Vision Pro.

Unleash Creativity with Powerful Editing Software

3 ways of video stabilization

Always Smooth and Stable

QooCam EGO, QooCam App, and QooCam Studio includes stabilization features, eliminating shakes and jitters. Whether you are shooting while walking or in motion, you won't need professional stabilization equipment.

AI Color Grading

Grant Your Works A Rebirth and Unleash Limitless Creativity

With QooCam Studio 2.0, DNG photos taken by the QooCam EGO can be smoothly converted into JPG format and undergo AI-powered color grading, breathing new life into your work with vibrant colors.

Parallax point adjustment

Post-Editing Perfection: Adjust Parallax Point for Optimal Viewing Comfort

Using the QooCam App and QooCam Studio, you can tweak the horizontal parallax point, making the viewing experience more comfortable. Dive right into the 3D world without fretting about eye strain – it's all about immersing yourself hassle-free.

Share Code

Innovative Content Sharing Experience

Using QooCam EGO, QooCam App and Kandao Mini Web, you can generate share codes for your 3D content and share it with other QooCam EGO users. Enter the share codes in QooCam EGO to download and enjoy the 3D content from other users.

A Brand New Way of Recording

Use the most Authentic Way to Record the most Precious Moment

Capturing moments of a child's growth, Time spent with pets, Beautiful scenery in the journey, Joy with family and friends.

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