Kandao Meeting Pro, 360˚ Conferencing Camera Evolved

Kandao Meeting Pro, 360˚ Conferencing Camera Evolved

Kandao Meeting Pro, the next-gen successor to the 360˚ video conferencing camera Kandao Meeting, was released at the launch event, “Meeting Perfection”, by Shenzhen Kandao Technology in Beijing in Dec 15th, 2020.

Because of COVID-19, the demand for remote working and remote conferencing is rapidly increasing. Kandao Meeting Pro is here to bring unprecedented remote conferencing experience for users.

Equipped with two custom-designed lenses, eight microphone array, high-quality loudspeaker, built-in Android system, and upgraded AI algorithm, Kandao Meeting Pro provides excellent video conferencing experience for remote cooperation and efficient communication to enterprises, schools, hospitals, and so on.

With its outstanding performance in a portable design, Kandao Meeting Pro won the CES Innovation Award 2021.

Four-in-One Integrated Design

The most important upgrade which makes Kandao Meeting Pro unique, is the built-in Android system. External computer is no longer needed, conference can be easily started by connecting to a screen through HDMI. Mainstream conferencing software can be launched directly from Kandao Meeting Pro, and deployment of enterprise specific/customized conference software is also made possible by the open nature of the Android system.

Compare to traditional conferencing camera, Kandao Meeting Pro uses 360˚ video technology to replace the fixed wide-angle lens, enabling every participant to be presented in a fully immersive way. The microphone array and high-quality loudspeaker utilize advanced technologies such as beam-foaming and noise reduction to ensure high quality audio performance, achieving coverage up to 5.5 meters (two times larger than the first generation).


Immersive Meeting Experience

Kandao Meeting Pro’s 8K imaging system is constantly capturing the meeting room with a massive 8000x3000 resolution 30 times every second, faithfully recording the participants’ gesture, facial expression and other fine details in the scene. The updated Meeting AI 2.0 then processes this enormous amount of video and audio data, selecting and combining the most relevant parts of the scene to render a 1080p final output. This 8K-in-1080p-out approach not only provides a massive visual upgrade compared to the traditional 1080p-in-1080p-out conferencing camera, but also present the meeting scene in a much more immersive way that is not possible before. Kandao Meeting Pro also provides multiple conferencing modes for different situation, which can be switched with a button on it or the remote controller.


Excellent connectivity and Interaction

Equipped with Wi-Fi, Ethernet LAN Port, USB, and HDMI, Kandao Meeting Pro is flexible enough to connect with a large variety of conferencing equipment. When running as a USB camera, Kandao Meeting Pro also offers selectable resolutions and encoding formats to maximized the compatibility with various video conferencing systems.

In addition, Kandao Meeting Pro can record locally to an external SD card, making it a great tool for recording and archiving important meetings.

Kandao Meeting Pro is shipped with a remote controller, making interactions and controls much easier. User can do operation like power on/off, mode switching, volume adjustment and more easily with the remote.


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