Kandao Attends CES 2023 at Las Vegas Convention Center Booth 15883

Kandao Attends CES 2023

CES 2023 Las Vegas

Business leaders and technology enthusiasts from all over the world will be attending CES. This year, Kandao will be releasing three new cameras below and showcasing its recently launched Qoocam EGO 3D, the world’s first stereoscopic 3D camera with an integrated viewer for instant playback and its AR CAM Freeview, a camera array for bullet time video capture, and multi-camera live streaming. 

Date: January 5-8, 2023

Location:Las Vegas Convention Center

Booth NO.:15883



What's News

Kandao Meeting Ultra

360 conference device with two attached rotatable touchscreen monitors

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Kandao Meeting Ultra builds upon our previous award-winning Meeting Pro 360 conference device with the addition of two touchscreen displays, an upgrade in video quality to 4K 30FPS, and multiple HDMI IN/OUT and USB A/C ports to easily screen share or connect external peripherals (camera, mics, speakers.) 

Meeting Omni | Solutions to Multi-system Collaboration for Large Meeting Rooms

Kandao Meeting Omni

Solutions to Multi-system Collaboration
Sync up to 4 Meeting S/Pro video conferennce cameras together for larger conference spaces

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The Kandao Meeting Omni integrates multiple video conferencing devices from Kandao, enabling a wider range of image and audio capture with greater AI processing capabilities. It also provides more intelligent image rendering output and audio recording and playback capabilities, to ensure the best remote video conferencing experience and meet the needs of different meeting scenarios. It is the preferred solution for intelligent conference rooms and digital spaces.

AR CAM Freeview

Camera array for bullet time video production and multi-dimensional live streaming

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AR Cam is a multi-camera shooting system with ultra-high definition and ultra-high precision sync. It supports real-time synchronous output of more than 60 cameras, with high-precision frame synchronization among cameras.

Each camera:

Support 4K 60fps
60Mbps Bitrate
Support 10 bit depth
Support RTMP and RTSP streaming protocols
High-precision sync port + High-precision sync cord
PoE technology is used, which allows Ethernet cables to transmit data and power simultaneously using a single network cable.

360° deployment
Record the panoramic view of wonderful moments.

180° deployment
The number of cameras can be flexibly adjusted on site.

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  • I really want to buy the AR Cam Freeview.
    How can I pay you?
    Can you send the cameras to Cyprus?

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