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TECH TIMES: Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard, Attainable Premium 4K Output [Review]

TECH TIMES: Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard, Attainable Premium 4K Output [Review]

Find the best way to upgrade your meetings with premium smart camera tech.


With the popularity of virtual meetings, companies are now pressured to present themselves professionally without breaking the budget. The Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard is a product that offers a solution and much more.

Aside from high-resolution conferencing, learn how it uses AI and other smart techs to ultimately upgrade your video conferencing experience. Find out how it integrates into your system and upgrades your video, audio, and overall output.

What Is the Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard?

For those who don’t know, Kandao released another product called the Meeting Ultra, AI 360° 4K-resolution conference camera with dual touchscreens, designed by the company to rival bigger brands like Logitech. One of the major differences between the Meeting Ultra and the Meeting Ultra Standard was that the latter eliminated the device’s screens and focused purely on its camera.

This might be seen as a disadvantage to some, but there are companies out there that already have sophisticated big screens and just need a powerful smart camera to upgrade their conferencing experience.

The Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard is a powerful camera that provides companies with smart, high-resolution, and crisp audio output all in one device.

What Are the Advantages of the Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard?

The advantage of the Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard is that it focuses beyond camera tech and into the world of AI and smart technology for upgraded video conferencing capabilities. It provides innovative solutions to some of the most nuisance issues you might experience when conferencing.

Aside from its ability to upgrade your overall video conferencing experience, its 4K video conferencing camera output offers a flexible adaptation to your current setup. Instead of buying additional tech or upgrading your current setup, just get the Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard to boost the quality of your conferences.

Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard Features

The Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard offers a range of market-breaking innovative features. Here are the ones you should learn about.

360° Fully Covered for Equal Conferencing

The device, though small, is enough to cover the entire meeting hall when set up in the middle. It offers a full 360-degree view with ultra-high-definition fisheye lenses to ensure that faces are still captured in the most natural way possible.

This reduces the need for multiple devices just to capture the whole team.

Smart Tracking

Most company virtual meetings require a technical expert or someone who is dedicated to tracking the speaker and ensuring they are the presentation’s focus. With the Kandao Meeting Standard Ultra, AI does this for you.

The device includes smart tech that tracks and auto-frames the speaker so everyone can focus solely on the presentation.

Speaking Person Detection

Kandao’s AI Detection Algorithm 4.0 allows the device to track who’s speaking instantly and focuses on them not just in terms of video but also audio. Attendees of virtual meetings won’t have to scan across the screen to find out who’s talking since the device’s algorithm always highlights the active speaker.

Ambient Noise Cancellation

The Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard understands that a quality video conference relies on visuals and audio. Because of this, its makers took measures to filter out noise through its ambient noise canceling tool using AI for its algorithms.

The device instantly detects which sounds are important and which are considered noise. It is trained to filter out regular nuisances like pen clicking, chair moving, door opening, car honks, and more.

4K With HDR

Kandao decided that 4K was insufficient and the device should have 4K with HDR. This is an excellent way to say that more pixels are captured and enhanced further with the help of the Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard’s abilities to stream at 4K 30FPS.

This helps eliminate images with over-exposure and blurred resolutions.

Built-In OS

The Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard has an operating system of its own, allowing you to install software directly onto the device. Instead of accessing it from a third-party device, you can simply connect it to a screen, download your needed apps, and have your meetings from the device.

This provides a sustainable solution for businesses lacking hardware or having limited devices and computers.

Multiple Setup and Placement Options

The Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard can be connected through USB or HDMI. You can connect the device to a laptop or computer or directly to a screen or TV through its HDMI cable. This added flexibility allows businesses to use the device with multiple setups.

This feature is best for businesses with multiple different video conferencing setups.

One-Step Screen Monitoring From Multiple Devices

The Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard supports Airplay and Microcast for businesses to connect with multiple devices at once. This means maximally two screens can be shared from iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows devices simultaneously.

About Kandao

The company was founded on January 6, 2016. Since then, Kandao Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on providing imaging products to help improve the visual connection aspect of the human experience. So far, the business has been recognized as the first Chinese company to win the Japan Good Design Best 100 in camera tech and has received the CES Best of Innovation Award in the digital imaging category.

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