Having Screen Mirroring Built-in, Kandao Meeting S is Absolute the Best Conferencing Camera

Having Screen Mirroring Built-in, Kandao Meeting S is Absolute the Best Conferencing Camera

Kandao Meeting S was upgraded to the next level with screen-mirroring function built-in by Kandao Technology. It was known for its 195-degree lens, eight premium microphones, Hi-Fi speaker, android operation system, and AI recognition algorithm, but now it is six in one, for having screen-mirroring function added in. It was potent, but it is now omnipotent.

One-Step Screen Share from Multi-Type Devices

Pressing the “Winkey” and “K” buttons on your keyboard is the only step to achieving screen sharing on computers with a Windows system. Until today, you needed to purchase a wireless screen-mirroring device which base unit and dongle are necessary for sharing your screen, but you can now wave goodbye to all the complicated and time-consuming preparation you did for screen sharing without forcing you to connect your computer to the same network as the one that conferencing camera is using. Besides Miracast, Airplay is also integrated, which means Meeting S can not only support share screen from a Windows-system PC, but also a Mac, an Android phone, iPhone, and even an iPad, which makes it path-breaking.

The Most Money-Saved and Space-Saved Immersive Meeting Room Solution

Kandao Meeting S is equipped with a 195-degree lens to achieve an all-attendee-covered 180-degree image without distortion. It allows every attendee to join the conversation in real-time with its full-duplex audio system which is consist of eight pro-grade microphones and an array of Hi-Fi speakers. Having an Android system built-in was the most point that made it distinguish. No need to install conferencing software over again whenever you change a computer, software can be directly installed and run on the Meeting S. Having a cutting-edge AI recognition algorithm built-in, the spokesman can be precisely real-time located, tracked, and highlighted. And even more, the screen-mirroring function is also settled and released. With all these mentioned, Kandao Meeting S conducts a perfect and immersive hybrid meeting experience for meeting attendees.

Notably, the screen-mirroring function is also shared with Kandao Meeting Pro, the 360-degree smart conferencing camera designed for larger meeting rooms.

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