Kandao Meeting S Wins Good Design Award 2022

Kandao Meeting S 360 conferencing camera Wins Good Design Award 2022

Kandao Meeting S is a 180-degree standalone video conferencing camera designed to realize an all-around satisfactory hybrid meeting by providing a clear 180-degree vision, a full-duplex audio system, AI smart tracking, and a powerful built-in system.

As the judges mentioned, in terms of its function as a video conferencing camera, the camera is appraised for its ability to dynamically switch the screen by focusing properly on the speaker currently speaking through clear 180-degree images and face image recognition of the person. As it works as a stand-alone device, it does not need to be connected to a PC, and the convenience that you can use it just by placing it on a table is also appraised. On the other hand, it is also available to be used as a three-in-one computer peripheral, which has a Hi-Fi speaker, full-duplex microphones, and a smart conferencing camera.


Kandao Meeting S is a product inspired by customers who asked for a device that can be placed at the front of the table only showing all the attendees and making remote attendees feel like they’re actually seated at the table. It has a 195-degree lens to cover the whole room. And coupled with an upgraded Meeting AI 3.0 algorithm and sound localization, it can precisely and automatically frame and track the speakers. Different modes and view-locking are also allowed if you want to stay focused on things that are matter. It also has screen-mirroring function for easy and wireless screen sharing, has a full-duplex audio system for attendee to allow every attendee to join the conversation in real-time, and has a built-in Android system for conferencing software installation. There is no doubt that, it is an indispensable device for revamp your working space to a next level. 


Nevertheless, there are some large-area scenarios in which one camera is not enough to provide a high-quality remote communication experience. Kandao will release an intelligent conferencing system, which is named Kandao Meeting Omni. It will deliver a more engaging experience by accessing multiple Kandao conferencing devices, with its strong computing backend and software working as a control center. It will bring together AI face-recognition data and the voice-localization audio from multiple Kandao meeting devices, and turn it into one conferencing screen after re-analyzing and stitching. With AI technology, intelligent face recognition, and deduplication underlying logic, it allows more attendees to be visible. Front-face and close-face priority were built-in as the portrait selection rules, which indeed realize face-to-face remote communication. Moreover, four groups of Hi-Fi speakers and four groups of eight-microphone arrays consist of a crystal-clear audio system. In a word, Kandao Meeting Omni, this upcoming product will be an unquestionable first choice for large-space remote conferencing.


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