QooCam EGO Wins Good Design Award 2022

QooCam EGO 3D Camera Wins Good Design Award 2022

QooCam EGO is a snap-and-watch VR viewer-integrated 3D camera that expands the boundary of human vision. It enables 3D footage to be playback directly through the eyepiece right after shooting by integrating the process of shooting-outputting-watching into one device. 

It stands out from 5715 products and is appraised by Good Design Award’s jury as a product can easily take stereoscopic photos just by pressing the shutter button with the playfulness of operation to switch between the shooting module and the viewing module. It is much easier to reproduce the realism of the place than 3D scanning with LiDAR and is expected to bring more diversity to the market. 


QooCam EGO supports up to 8000 x 3000 dual-lenses photo resolution and up to 3840 x 1080@60FPS output for immersing users with ultra-clear and smooth videos. The camera and the viewer are attached by magnets, while the camera part can also be used separately when shooting. Besides having the viewer for instant 3D playback, QooCam EGO is equipped with an 847-PPI touching screen for quick adjustment directly on the camera. 


QooCam EGO is an action camera as well. It is IP67 dustproof and waterproof, which allows users to shoot without fear and concentrate entirely on their work even under harsh conditions. With a 6-axis anti-shake and SuperSteady algorithm, it can always reliably output stable images no matter having a gimbal or not. And it has an application for quick outdoor editing with interesting 3D in-cam stickers and sorts of filters for color toning. If you are planning your family travel and want to carry only one camera to vividly record your vacation on the beach, pool, or in the snow without causing extra baggage allowance, QooCam EGO would be the best option.


As mentioned, QooCam EGO was designed to minimize the steps of 3D photography and videography, even sharing, it has the simplest way to share among users, which is named “EGO to EGO”. No need to upload before sharing, users can share 3D content by pin code directly on the camera. Over and above, it’s worth mentioning that 3D webcam will be released as a bonus function for users to do 3D live streaming.


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