Tech Times: Top 5 Conferencing Devices From Kandao [Review]

TechTimes: Top 5 Conferencing Devices From Kandao [Review]
Never settle for less. Upgrade your meetings with the best in the industry.

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As the world expands beyond borders, technology has been used as a glue to bring people together, especially through virtual conferencing. While innovation and technological advancement are good, adaptation to high-quality all-in-one video-conferencing host devices is required. This is where Kandao products come in.

Kandao has dedicated itself to improving video conferencing, one of the industry’s emerging demands. With more companies opening up to virtual or remote conferencing, the requirement for professional devices has been ever so high.

If your company embraces change and wants to leverage conferencing devices to improve the quality of your virtual meetings, check out five of the best Kandao products and how they’ll transform your business.

Kandao Meeting Ultra

The Kandao Meeting Ultra is an AI auto-framing video-conferencing device that seeks to solve the many problems with video conferencing. It aims to solve three key issues most businesses experience regarding virtual meetings.

The first issue it fixes is not having the screen on the same device. Although the option for a webcam is always available, this doesn’t always ensure the best quality or synchronicity between the two devices.

The Kandao Meeting Ultra also solves the problem of multi-conferencing. Does everyone have to have their own laptop, even if they’re all at the conference table? With this device, they won’t need to since everyone can fit in the frame with its 360° coverage.

The last problem this device solves is smart conferencing. Moving around often results in people being out of frame. However, with the Kandao Meeting Ultra, it’s guaranteed that everyone still fits in the picture.


Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard

The Kandao Meeting Ultra standard is a budget version of the Kandao Meeting Ultra without the included screens. This is still beneficial for businesses that have their own dedicated screens or projectors in their fixed meeting areas.

Although without a screen, the device still comes with 4K output with HDR to ensure that everyone within the room can be seen clearly. It also has a built-in operating system that enables ambient noise cancellation using smart tech.


Kandao Meeting Pro

The Kandao Meeting Pro falls just a step behind the Meeting Ultra, lacking one critical element: the screen. However, this doesn’t mean the device can’t provide a professional video-conferencing experience.

In fact, some people prefer not having the screen in the Meeting Ultra and instead attaching the device to a larger screen at the end of the conference table where everyone can see everyone else on the screen.

Its portability also gives it another advantage since it can easily be taken to remote meetings without the need to carry another screen. It’s also very flexible and compatible with most devices, making it a great addition to your setup instead of a replacement. Compared to Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard, Kandao Meeting Pro’s most benefit is “compact enough.”

Meeting Pro’s weight is 807g while Meeting Ultra Standard is 2161g. As for dimension, Meeting Pro is a diameter of 78.2 x height of 282.6mm while Meeting Ultra Standard is 215 x 121 x 327mm.

The Kandao Meeting Pro also includes a built-in Android OS for conferencing software installation. This allows you to use it as a standalone device without connecting it to a computer.


Kandao Meeting S


The Kandao Meeting S still comes with the AI capabilities that customers grew to love. However, it doesn’t provide the full 360° coverage, unlike the Meeting Pro and the Meeting Ultra.

Although this might seem like a huge deal, this is perfectly fine if you hold your meetings in a fixed location and would rather get a POV of the whole room, with close-ups on fewer individuals, than get the 360° coverage that some find overwhelming.

Either way, it still comes with crisp video and audio quality, with the intelligent speaker detector allowing it to follow the speaker’s voice when giving meetings. The device works well with around five members, providing a clear visual of each individual.


Kandao Meeting 360

The Kandao Meeting 360, as the name suggests, makes sure you still get the 360° at a more affordable price. It also uses 8 omnidirectional microphones and two full duplex speakerphones as part of its package to ensure participants can hear and be heard properly.

Like other Kandao devices, the Meeting 360 also uses AI technology, with features like Smart Focus, which automatically gives emphasis when someone is talking during a meeting. This helps improve the remote meeting experience since you can see who’s talking and pay more attention to them.

The device also packs two 220° fisheye lenses to ensure everyone is properly captured across the table. It changes the orientation and makes the video rounder. However, its AI selects the best angles and ensures everyone looks good in the virtual meeting.

The Kandao Meeting 360 is another entry-level model that provides a more cost-efficient way to access the company’s AI speaking-person detection and smart tracking.


Kandao Meeting Omni

The main slogan of Kandao is “See better. Hear better. Speak better,” which the Meeting Omni software provides. Aside from being a visual tool, the software enables improved audio elements to help people experience better virtual meetings by seeing each other perfectly.

The Kandao Meeting Omni comes with automatic noise canceling through AI. It allows you to connect microphones trained to automatically filter out nuisance sounds like alarms, cars passing by, or even a pen tapping on the table.

Kandao has upgraded not just the hardware but also the software of its devices to ensure quality from all angles. It also comes with synchronous multi-device audio support designed for ultra-large area conferencing, which lets you connect multiple devices in case you have over 20 staff members in a meeting.

The Kandao Meeting Omni supports connecting both the Kandao Meeting Pro and Kandao Meeting S with up to four devices. For example, you can connect 2 Meeting Pro and 2 Meeting S or 4 Meeting Pro.


Which Kandao Product is Best for Your Business?

If you’re having trouble choosing the right Kandao product for your business, here’s an easy way to choose a device.

  • If you want a device that offers a screen with all features included, choose the Kandao Meeting Ultra.
  • If you want all the features except the screen, choose the Kandao Meeting Pro.
  • If you want a more affordable solution and don’t mind a 180° coverage, choose the Kandao Meeting S.
  • If you want a multi-device network that can cover multiple attendees at once, choose the Kandao Meeting Omni.
  • If you want a hybrid solution that offers almost everything except the screen, choose the Kandao Meeting 360.

If you are still unsure, contact Kandao to see which device best fits your business.

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