The Ultimate Solution to Hybrid Meetings for Different Space Sizes

The Ultimate Solution to Hybrid Meetings for Different Space Sizes

Effective collaboration is essential to achieving success in today's fast-paced business environment. However, outdated and cumbersome technology can often hinder the productivity of such meetings. To ensure the success of hybrid meetings, leveraging the right technology that allows for smarter and easier collaboration is crucial.


Looking for solutions to upgrade your hybrid meetings for maximum productivity? Kandao Meeting Omni is the answer, designed to cater to various space sizes, large and small, and various conference room configurations.


What is Kandao Meeting Omni?

Kandao Meeting Omni allows you to connect up to four units of Kandao Meeting S or Pro devices together to increase video and audio pickup in larger spaces. By integrating multiple devices, Kandao Meeting Omni can meet the needs of different conference configurations.


Kandao Meeting Omni enables a wider range of image and audio capture and AI processing. This is quite important in large conferencing rooms where there are multiple participants and video feeds to manage. Whether you are conducting a large meeting in a conference room or collaborating with remote team members, Kandao Meeting Omni can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Flexible Coverage for Every Space

  • Setups for small-medium spaces

It is recommended that smaller rooms for 2-4 participants be equipped with a Kandao Meeting Pro for a more interactive and efficient experience for remote participants. With excellent audio and video quality and 360-degree view, it allows for immersive meeting experience, quicker information sharing, and increased engagement from both in-person and remote attendees.  


  • Setups for medium-large spaces

Meeting rooms for 10+ guests are the classic conference room size. However, equipping them with the right hybrid tech doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Increase your conferencing camera's capacity by connecting 2-4 units of Kandao Meeting Pro/S devices. Share the full view of the room and all in-room participants by extending your view and your audio input and output. The cameras and multi-channel AVs are all seamlessly synced through the Omni software for viewing, listening, and collaborating.


  • Setups for conference rooms

For company-wide meetings that include your entire organization, by utilizing four Kandao Meeting S/Pro devices that maximize your view, sound, and participation. With four eight-microphone arrays for wide-range premium voice pickup, the Kandao Meeting Omni software ensures remote participants will see and hear all active speakers. That way, even the largest conference can be intimate, and make everyone feel included.

Meeting Omni is designed to capture wider range of audio and video


Setting up Kandao Meeting Omni

  1. A combination of up to four units of Meeting S and Meeting Pro can be interchanged.
  2. Connect the Host PC and multiple Meeting S or Meeting Pro to the router through a wired network.Connect Meeting Omni and PC by Ethernet
  3. Make sure your Kandao Meetings are placed more than 5 feet apart (1.5 meters) and are level at the same height.the deployment of Kandao Meeting Omni
  4. Download and open the Kandao Meeting Omni Software, the prompt-up interface will guide you through the authorization process. Each host computer needs to be authorized for activation when running Kandao Meeting Omni for the first time.
  5. From the “Available device” list, select the devices to be combined. Click “Done”, and the preview of Meeting Omni will be shown automatically on the screen.

Using Kandao Meeting Omni

  1. Start a Meeting: Start your video conferencing software of choice, and select [Kandao Meeting Omni] from the camera/speaker/microphone device list of the conferencing platforms.
  2. Share Screen in a Meeting: Launch a video conferencing software, go to “Share Screen” and select the window to be shared.
  3. Sound Control:The speaker and microphone volume of Meeting Omni are subject to the audio settings of the Windows system.
  4. Device Binding:The conferencing cameras added to the device list of Meeting Omni are bound with it until you actively unbind it. A bound conference camera can't be bound with and accessed by other Meeting Omni. To bind a new "Meeting Omni", please unbind the original one first.


Pro Tip: Here’s your all-in-one guide to setting up your space with the right technology.


In conclusion, having the right technology in place is essential for the success of hybrid meetings. Kandao Meeting Omni brings a whole new meaning to the term "Virtual Communication", businesses and organizations of all sizes can ensure that their meetings are efficient, effective, and inclusive for conference rooms of all shapes and sizes. This is particularly important as teams return to the office and continue to support both hybrid and flexible work patterns.


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Watch this video to learn more about Kandao Meeting Omni.

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