Kandao Unveils Qoocam 3 Ultra at CES 2024

Kandao Showcases Innovative VR Cameras at CES 2024, Unveiling QooCam 3 Ultra in Advance

Kandao, a leading provider of cutting-edge imaging solutions, is excited to announce its participation in CES 2024. Held from January 9th to 12th, Kandao is located at booth 16854 in the central hall, where it will proudly present its diverse range of products across three categories: consumer-level VR cameras, video-conferencing cameras, and professional VR cameras.

Kandao CES 2024, booth 16854 in the central hall


The highlight of Kandao's presence at CES 2024 will be the unveiling of the QooCam 3 Ultra, a cutting-edge consumer-level 360 camera that hits stores in 2024. It boasts dual 1/1.7-inch sensors, dual fisheye lenses, four built-in microphones, an F1.6 aperture, a six-axis gyroscope, and a 2.19-inch touchscreen. Designed to offer creators extensive options, the QooCam 3 Ultra can capture 8K/30fps, 5.7K/60fps, and 4K/120fps videos with instant stabilization, seamlessly facilitating creativity across various environments. It supports 10-bit HLG video recording, ensuring smooth and delicate color transitions, even in challenging high-contrast environments such as sunrise and sunset, thus providing a comfortable visual experience for users.


QooCam 3 Ultra has the capability to capture up to 96MP 360-degree photos with in-cam stitching and long exposure, thereby eliminating the need for post-processing and allowing for instant viewing and sharing of impressive 360° photos. Furthermore, Qoocam 3 Ultra’s DNG8 file type with Raw+ Algorithm, captures enhanced panoramic photos that preserve even richer image details and deliver exceptional quality. The DNG8 format also provides greater flexibility in post-processing and editing.


QooCam 3 Ultra also comes equipped with an in-camera live-streaming function that allows for easy broadcasting of immersive 360° experiences in real-time to audiences. What sets it apart is the camera's real-time stitching capability, even during live streaming. This means that users can share their captivating 360° experiences with their audience in real-time without the hassle of post-processing.


In addition to the highly anticipated QooCam 3 Ultra, Kandao will showcase other exceptional products that have garnered industry recognition and acclaim. Among them is the Kandao Meeting Ultra, a 360 video conferencing camera with dual touchscreens. Launched in mid-2023, this innovative camera has received high praise from renowned publications such as Forbes and Digital Camera World for its immersive and interactive virtual meeting experience. Also featured at the show will be the award-winning Kandao Obsidian Pro, a professional 12K 3D VR camera. Recognized as TIME's Best Invention of 2022, the Obsidian Pro pushes the boundaries of image quality and sets new standards for virtual reality content creation.


"We are proud to showcase our lineup of innovative products at CES 2024, including the highly anticipated QooCam 3 Ultra," said Dan Chen, CEO at Kandao. "With our consumer-level VR cameras, video-conferencing cameras, and professional VR cameras, we aim to provide users with the tools they need to unleash their creativity and capture immersive experiences like never before."


Kandao invites all attendees of CES 2024 to visit booth 16854 in the central hall to explore its comprehensive range of 360 VR cameras. Experience the future of imaging technology with Kandao.


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