Essential Tips for Beginners in 360 Photography

Essential Tips for Beginners in 360 | QooCam 3

Are you intrigued by the immersive world of 360 photography? Embarking on this visual journey is absolutely exciting! To help you quick start your 360 photography adventure, we provide seven essential tips that will elevate your skills and improve your creative output.

(Photographed by Yuqing Guo with QooCam3)


1. Crystal-Clear Lenses and Camera Care:

The lens is the window to your 360 world. Keep the lens clean to make the quality of your images and videos are always top-notch. Avoid accidental damage by handling your camera with care. Placing the camera lens directly on hard surfaces, like a table, without any protection can lead to long-term lens wear and result in blurry images.


2. Properly Set Up Camera Parameters:

Proper camera settings are essential. Make sure to set consistent exposure settings, especially when capturing shots within the same scene. This plays a crucial part in post-production editing, making the video smoother and seamless.


3. Two-Way Visibility:

In 360 camera shooting, your camera sees what you see, too. Unless you plan to convert your 360 footage into regular videos, always consider your presence in the shot. Here are some suggestions for positioning yourself in 360 panoramic shots:

   - For handheld shots, ensure you appear naturally in the frame.

   - When using a fixed mount, dress casually and appear naturally.

   - With fixed mounts, strategically choose a position that avoids seams.


4. Camera Position and Height Matter:

The all-encompassing nature of 360 cameras requires your attention to the camera's position and height, especially when shooting handheld, as these factors will significantly impact your final output.


5. Begin at Eye Level for Authenticity:

Think of your 360 camera as an extension of your eyes. The camera's height determines the visual narrative. Shooting from eye level creates a natural visual perspective. Thus, start with shooting from eye level creates authentic viewpoint, capturing what humans naturally perceive their surroundings.


6. Embrace Creative Exploration:

Unleash your inner artist by experimenting with unconventional approaches. While 360 cameras may not emphasize on traditional composition skills, they possess distinctive framing capabilities. Exploring various representations like first-person viewpoint, tiny planet shots, overhead angles, low angles, dolly zoom effects, hyperspace tunnel and so on, to elevate the diversity and creativity of your shots.

Embrace Creative Exploration of 360 Embrace Creative Exploration

(Photographed by Flabig 360 with QooCam3)


7. Share Your Creations:

The essence of 360 photography is sharing your unique perspective with others. Do not hesitate to showcase your 360 creative captures on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Google. Capture the memories of your journey with the 360 camera, and work together to introduce the magic of 360 to a wider audience. That’s the ultimate goal we strive for!


Embarking on 360 photography is an invitation to stimulate creativity. Furthermore, you will immerse your audiences in all-round fancy perspectives. So, pick up your QooCam 3 camera now, set out to explore, and share your captivating 360 stories with us!

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