Kandao Obsidian Pro Ultimate Guide

Kandao Obsidian Pro Ultimate Guide

Kandao Obsidian Pro is a camera designed for virtual reality (VR) video production, traditional broadcasting, and LED volumes. It uses 8 APS-C sensors to capture high-quality panoramic videos and images. As high-quality and feature-packed 360-degree camera, the Kandao Obsidian Pro is ideal for motion picture studios looking for a cost-effective solution to capture ultra-high-definition panoramic pictures and videos. Here are some advantages over existing solutions:

Super high resolution:The Obsidian Pro is capable of capturing video at up to 12K resolution, which is a very high level of detail. This can be important for producing high-quality VR content that looks crisp and clear when viewed on VR headsets.

Multiple camera modules: The Obsidian Pro has eight camera modules that are arranged in a circular configuration. Each fisheye lens captures 195 degrees field of vision and which ultimately gets stitched together to create a full 360-degree view of any scene, which is essential for creating immersive VR experiences.

Advanced image processing:The Obsidian Pro uses advanced image processing algorithms to stitch together the video from its multiple camera modules and to produce high-quality VR content.

3D Capture: Obsidian Pro is also capable of capturing 3D video and photos, giving viewers a more immersive and realistic sense of depth. The cameras feature built-in encoders that allow live streaming of content, making them ideal for events and other occasions where live coverage is required.

Multiple shooting modes:Obsidian Pro has multiple shooting modes, including monoscopic, stereoscopic and time-lapse shooting, users can choose the best mode according to their specific needs.

Durable:The Obsidian Pro is built to be durable and reliable, with a robust design that can withstand the rigors of professional use


Applicable User

Kandao Obsidian Pro is a high-end virtual reality camera designed for professional videographers, photographers, filmmakers, and other film professionals. It delivers industry-leading image quality that captures the stunning detail and beauty of the real world.

In addition, Kandao Obsidian Pro can also be used in architecture, engineering, landscape architecture and other visual arts fields, providing visual artists and designers a new way to capture and present their work. The Obsidian Pro is perfect for professionals who have high requirements for image quality.


Applicable Scene

Kandao Obsidian Pro is mainly aimed at professional video producers, photographers, filmmakers and film professionals. Therefore, its applicable scenarios include:

Video production/LED Volumes: Kandao Obsidian Pro can capture the amazing details and beauty in the real world, which can be used in LED volumes and replace the need for green screens. This allows videographers to replicate background scenes, and overlay VFX in real time, cutting down on the post production time.

VR Live Stream: The camera has been used to live stream in 8K quality, allowing for a more immersive experience for users who can put on a VR headset and see through the lenses of the camera

Photography shooting: Kandao Obsidian Pro provides industry-leading picture quality and image quality, capable of capturing fine details in the real world, suitable for photographers.

Movie production: Kandao Obsidian Pro can capture the fine details and beauty in the real world, suitable for film production.

Architecture, engineering, landscape design: Kandao Obsidian Pro can be used in visual art fields such as architecture, engineering, and landscape design, providing visual artists and designers with a new way to capture and present their works.

Kandao Obsidian Pro also offers a host of professional-grade features such as ambient light detection, auto exposure and focus, and motion detection, among others. It also has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities which connects to Android and iOS app, allowing users to remotely control and monitor the shooting process.


A portable V mount battery back can be added on to allow users to shoot from anywhere and replace batteries as needed for longer shoots. Other accessories include the removable SSD which comes in three sizes, 4TB, 8TB and 16TB, and a SSD card reader, which enables quicker extraction of footage for storage and editing. Powerful image processing capability, can synthesize video in real time and supports multiple output formats, such as H.265 and H.264.


Overall, the Kandao Obsidian Pro is a high-performance camera suitable for producing VR content and high-quality panoramic videos. It has advanced technology and professional-grade features to meet a variety of shooting needs.


In this article, we discuss how Kandao Obsidian Pro can help people capture and experience virtual reality content, which is something we've been very excited to pursue. If you are interested in virtual reality, I suggest you consider Kandao VR's products and services. You can learn more here about kandao camera or learn more about the latest information - CES 2023.

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